Customized Programs :

We will be able to serve you in the areas of reskilling or training as per your need gaps.  We also help you identify the need gaps in the individuals and then creating a cohort to undergo a set program to bridge this gap, thus enabling them to perform better and give better results to meet the growth objectives of your organization.

We will be able to provide customized training programs in any of the following:

  1. Leadership excellence – covering all types of leadership styles with case studies (contemporary and relevant to the learning)
  2. Culture – Strategy integration study: Culture styles
  3. Strategic management – evolving strategies
  4. Disruptive Innovation – sustainable competitive advantage
  5. Finance for non-Finance executives
  6. Operational excellence
  7. Supply Chain Management efficiency
  8. Human Relations dovetailing the business needs, processes and expectations
  9. Women in your organization – Leadership traits that can be built in
  10. People Management – avoid strikes and lockdowns
  11. Performance Appraisal – Bell Curve or something better
  12. Managing Diversity and Inclusiveness
  13. People Engagement
  14. CSR
  15. Goal setting & Customer Centricity
  16. Interview techniques for the business line people
  17. Team management and team results
  18. Design Thinking
  19. Digital Marketing transformation
  20. The new age Digital transformation – an insight leading to strategic decisions
  21. Blue Ocean strategy
  22. How to create a conducive environment for Innovation
  23. Boss-subordinate relationship
  24. Talent Management – search, recruitment, development, management and growth
  25. Sales management – individual, team and overall organizational objectives
  26. Case studies of top 10 companies – how they changed the markets, keeping customer in mind


  1. Women in Leadership
  2. Entrepreneurship management
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Culture – Strategy equation
  5. Disruptive innovations with 10 global case studies
  6. Change management – first the individual ….
  7. Who moved my cheese
  8. CSR
  9. Digital Transformation
  10. Business Analytics and Data Science